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Photos from the eacd-meeting in Laas 2006

DALL´ASTA Arnold, president of the stonemason association of Hungary, engaged in a professional exchange of ideas in the workshop of Josef Mayr

Josef Mayr (with cap) explains one of his sculptures to Minister Dr. Otto Saurer and to Mrs. Breda Potočnik

Håkan Lindkvist, Hyttmastäre Byggnadshyttan pa Gotland, makes his sign in a obelisk of marble from Laas

The EACD-President and the Chairwoman of the EACD Advisory Council, Prof. Dr. Barbara Schock-Werner, Cathedral Architect of Cologne and Chairwoman of the Int. Association of Cathedral Building

Also impressive was the visit in the quarry „white water“ from the company lasa-marmo in the mountain over laas

All the participants of the general assembly in front of Johannes-Steinhäuser-College for stonemasons and sculptors in Laas (Lasa)

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